Country House

And so the the story beginsCity dweller, successful fellaThought to himself oops I’ve got a lot of moneyI’m caught in a rat race terminallyI’m a professional cynic but my heart’s not in itI’m paying the price of living life at the limitCaught up in the centuries anxietyIt preys on him, he’s getting thin He lives […]

Fade Away

They stumbled into their livesIn a vague way became man and wifeOne got the other they deserved one anotherThey settled in a brand new townWith people from the same backgroundThey kept themselves busyLong hours left them dizzyNow when he’s in, she’s out All you ever do is fade awayAll you ever do is fade awayThey […]

Best Days

Over the river they all go againOut into leafy nowhere hope someone’s waiting out there for themCabbie has his mind on a fare to the sunHe works nights but it’s not much funPicks up the london yo-yosAll on their own down sohoTake me home Other people wouldn’t like to hear youIf you said that these […]

Dan Abnormal

Meanie Leanie come on downCome and entertain the townIt’s friday night and we’re all boredTimes being called there is no moreTimes being called it’s such a bore Dan Abnormal not normal at allIt’s not his fault we made him this wayHe’ll imitate you, try to ape youBut it’s not his fault Dan watches tv, tv, […]

Globe Alone

Who met this one on the m1Who hasn’t stopped sucking his thumbWho very straight and never grinsWho cars what car he’s driving in He is because he saw it on a commercial breakAnd if he doesn’t get what he wants then he’ll get a headacheBecause he needs it, wants it, almost loves itHe’s here on […]