Can’t Think

[LL Cool J]You ever get to the point where you so frustratedyou ready to give up?You ready to end it all?Don’t do it dog, word upI don’t care if you black, white, latin, asian, whateverWe all go through painWhen you can’t think.. use your soul baby Preliminary discussions is over with, the verdict is inI […]

Take It Off

[LL Cool J]I didn’t even know a young lady could look that goodI’m ready da bounce outa queens and come to your hoodI’m ready da change your life baby, spend some cashBecause you got me chinky eyed like blunts mixed with hashWhen your in my ferrari, look at the seats carve your assL drive drunk […]

LL Cool J

[Intro:]Aiiyo BimmySo rock the bells, Def Jam collabo’ manYou know’say, Bim…my…yeahFeel It’s baby, (uh) ha (uh) ha (uh) ha (uh) ha ha [Chorus: LL Cool J and Kandice Love] (L) I’m the G.O.A.T. I just ball a lot (L)And (Cool J) I’m double platinum on the hot blocks and(L) the hottest nigga in the whole […]


[Voice]Ahh ah, welcome to a brand new day [repeat 4X] [LL Cool J]Word up, this shit gon’ be ill(Uh-huh, uh-huh..) raw like sushiLove paper like Ricky love LucyPop collars, L got heatFifteen years, I’m thorough on the streetFlood the rap game with productThat bullshit video, I don’t know why you shot itThe biggest L of […]

Back Where I Belong

[LL Cool J Talking]Yo, yea, aight after this particular practice run I’ma practice both verses, after this, I want you to find a spotThat’s close to when the beat drops to the rewind point, locate pointYou ain’t gotta be on that all night, this the soundtrackYo, Yea, Check itok, alright, huh ok [Verse 1]The other […]