I Remember L.A.

I remember L.A.Seems a lifetime agoWe were stars on Sunset BoulevardWhat a movie we made There were days in the sunThat have stayed forever youngNights when passion was invincibleWe tought love would never die [Chorus]There were moments in that lifetimeThat my heart still replaysThere were minutes, there were hours, there were daysThere are moments I […]

No Living Without Loving You

If you ever leave meLife will go onStars will still beBright as diamonds in the sky nowEven if you said goodbye nowOh, the clock wouldn’t stop, noThat sun would keep shinning downIf you weren’t here with meThis world would still be spinnin’ ’roundBut baby there would be Just no living without loving youHow could I […]

Only One Road

I’m looking back through the yearsDown this highwayMemories, they all lead up to this one dayAnd many dreams lost along the wayHaunt me stillI guess they always will When love was too much to bearI just left it thereBut here I stand face to faceWith this heart of mine Livin’ without you I only fall […]

Everybody's Talkin' My Baby Down

People are sayin’That boy is gonna hurt youHis kind of love is not for realHe’s only playin’Foolin’ with your heart girlBut I know how he makes me feelAnd I don’t need any other proofThey just don’t understandThey don’t know the truth Momma says he’s bad for mePoppa says I’ll be sorryEverybody’s talkin’ my baby downAnd […]

Refuse To Dance

Got your invitation to the danceWear your party dressMaybe I was just an innocentBut I confessI never even knew the songThe orchestra was playing See the cuties in their party clothesOh it’s getting warmOff the shoulder cut into the hipLike a uniformDid you think I’d want to tow the lineWell now the line is broken […]