Angel of Mine

When I first saw you I already knewThere was something inside of youSomething I thought that I would never findAngel of mine I look at you, lookin’ at meNow I know why they say the best things are freeI’m gonna love you boy you are so fineAngel of Mine How you changed my world you’ll […]

Street Symphony

There’s something that I wanna say I feel a little out of place But I need you to make that change You promised, to keep me out of the rain I love the cars and everything The diamond rings but I loved you much more, baby You said, that you were gonna stop when you […]

Gone Be Fine

Can’t believe you would leave me this wayFeeling kinda bad from the last things we said today Can’t believe you would turn and walk away I’d know we would do this again and again You say you love me I’ll come back with I hate you Only takes a day to Realize I’m in love […]

Take Him Back

If he keeps changing for no shoes, I need 2Come right back at me alone againMaybe I didn’t need the use, out of himDidn’t come with no type of warranty There’s no oneThat I adoreMore than your loveIt hurts me moreTo let you downAnd againThere’s no oneWho could ever Show me theWay to neverTry someoneBetter […]

Ring Da Bell

I’ve been talkin to some friends of mine about you boyThey say you’re bout to have a childWhen you goin’ tell me bout itThis other chick your sleepin’ withNow you gotta deal with itHope you’ve found happinessI’ve found myself in such a mess With youand I put way to much love Into youThrough the one […]