I’ll Take The Tears

Don’t speak, seal your lips,please don’t say a wordmaybe I won’t remember the words I have not heardI see that you’re in love, I know it’s not with mebut I don’t want the truth to haunt my memory It’s never too late to relight the fireit never stopped burning for methe flame, it never died […]

Same Old Brand New You

I can still remember the time you were thereWhen I needed to hold you, feel youEverytime I ask you to fight it awayYou lying awayIs it gone, gone, gone, gone, gone You said you’d changedBut I’m afraidIt’s something I won’t live to seeIt seems so strangeThat sometimes fateCan appear to be so real andYet turn […]

Living The Dream

Mark: Ohoh…oh yeah yeah..Where have you been all of my life?Where have you come from?Is this your first time too?It’s like I’ve known youIn some other a lifetimeWe’re part of the greycloudLike two stars that shine Chris: I stood here watchingWhile it only ever happen to friendsNow I don’t have to pretend Ben: Oooh…I can’t […]

I Wonder Why

I’m tired of fighting,Got a fever when you try to get outI’ve tried but I can’t understand what all the fuss is aboutI wish that I could be the man that you wanted me to beI need you to see… I try and I try yet I can’t seem to fly (you know I try)My […]

Nothing But Trouble

Ben: Let me tell you ‘bout this a girlthat once was mineOnce upon a time she’s nothing bout trouble Up till now I was a man of common sensesFunny how I just give up on my defencesBut she’s one of a kindJust a girl that can easily twist your mindBut right now it feels so […]