Bouncin’ Back (Bumping Me Against The Wall)

[Hook: Mystikal]You keep bumping me against the wallYeah I know I let you slide beforeBut until you seen me…trust me You ain’t seen bouncin’ back[repeat] [Verse 1]I really be throwin’ my wordsStanding ’em up, and jammin’ on the oneThat ain’t nobody but Neptunes bammin’ on the drumSwift flip kicks landing from the tongueMore dramatic than […]

Big Truck Driver

ft. Byou2ful [Mystikal]Whaaa, wassup nigga?This for my niggas in them Big TrucksThis for all my niggas in them SUV’s, you heard me?This for my Big Truck Drivers, look nigga blow yo’ Big Truck HornYou still could see me in my Big Truck boySmilin’ like a lil’ kid when I sped the corner with my brand […]

Ooooh Yeah

[Hook]Oooh ooh yeah, ooh oooh ooh yeah yeahClap-clappin’ that-clappin’ that ass, clap-clappin’ that-clappin’ ass, that assWop-woppin’ that-woppin’ that ass, wop-woppin’ that-woppin’ that ass, that assOh oh oh oh yeah, oh oh oh oh yeah [Mystikal]Smokin’ and fuckin’ is some of my habitFo’ the grilly hand had come take up for my daddyA shot off in […]

Smoke One

[Mystikal talking]The Medicine man. Oh yeah. Smoke OneYeah. This that shit nigga that you smoke off. This the oneI know y’all flipping through this shit the CD and shit.This the one niggaThis yo’ chance right NA. Ya’ know?Get all items that you need to get yo’ mutha fuckin blunt rolled nigga.Get ya’ papers, what ever […]

Go ‘Head

ft. Pharrell Williams (Neptunes) [Mystikal]I was at the mall, and this girl passed me byso I like her booty she said hey boyThat’s when I made my moveI jammed up and jammed re-over there by the baby shoeI said you got a chiled huhShe said yeah he live in Bogaluga out there by my mommaGive […]