Anthem Part 2

Everything has fallen to piecesEarth is dying, help me JesusWe need guidance, we’ve been misledYoung and hostile but not stupid Corporate leaders, politiciansKids can’t vote, adults elect themLaws that rule the school and workplaceSigns that cautions sixteen’s unsafe We really need to see this throughWe never wanted to be abusedWe’ll never give up, it’s no […]

Story of a Lonely Guy

Push it outFake a smileAvert disaster just in timeI need a drinkCause in a while worthless answers from friends of mineIt’s dumb to ask, cool to ignoreGirls possess me but they’re never mine I made my entranceAvoided hazardsChecked my engine, I fell behindDada, dada, dada, dadaI fell behindDada, dada, dada, dada She makes me feel […]

Online Songs

Josie , you’re my source of most frustrationForget when I don’t need expectationsEverything you wished came trueIn the end we all blamed youEven though, as they all knowYou weren’t the only one, two, three, four Why do you still keep it aroundWhen you know it brings me down hating everythingAnd I know that you dated […]

Happy Holidays, You Bastard

It’s Christmas Eve and I’ve only wrapped two fucking presentsIt’s Christmas Eve and I’ve only wrapped two fucking presentsAnd I hate, hate, hate your gutsI hate, hate, hate your gutsAnd I’ll never talk to you againUnless your mom will touch my cockI’ll never talk to you againEjaculate into a sockI’ll never talk to you againI’ll […]

Reckless Abandon

On and on, reckless abandonSomething’s wrongThis is gonna shock themNothing to hold on toWe’ll use this songTo lead you on I learned a lot todayNot sure if I’ll get laid andNot sure if I’ll fail or passKissed every girl in classEverybody would waste it allTo have a summer they could callA memory that’s full of […]