My last, chance at sex was simple enough where I could breathe Why can’t,everthing just be a certain way to let me see common sense, would tell me thatthe cancers eating right through me and failed tests, would tell methat my life’s in jeopardy Why can’t I breathe one more time My last, chance at […]


you – complain of breathing you cant wait to die you – just wait just wait tosuffocate you dont you – dont have to wait have to wait return – burn the fucking world the chip in my mind summons me i gave my life to your machines were conquering humanity i gave my life […]

Release Me

the war that’s in your mind you explained to me sounds like youre obsessed butcertainly somewhere you will find a place to express your needs you alwaysinsist that place is me you’re right your – holy system is right your right your – no one can stand al the lies your right your holy systemis […]

Painted Red

You’re red – you’re so resistant You’re so intense you’re red i’m slowly lifted youre painted red im down in, im down in, im down inside im down, in im down in, im down inside ill come in, ill come in, ill come inside swallow my kiss,when i save you youre red and im inside […]

Regretful Times

the doors open into the room a fulfilled life and a lot to regret for thesummers rays and winters cold and not regretful i will not survive sombody will save me the damaged style and damaged skin is peeling off and burning within thetearful eyes and drowning frowns soon collides and now it meets its […]