Song For A Star

This is a song for a starIf you really are a starHere is a song for you allTake a lesson before you fall We’re caught in the middle of everythingIt’s like trying to figure out which bell to ringYou think you’d made the start of itBut this is just the start of it now Steppin’ […]

Pushin’ & Shovin’

I could love her if she were a Rolls RoyceBut she handles like a model – TSo get her in high gear, she can’t stay here with me At show time she’ll be in the front rowAnd she’ll try to put the make on meHer friends will all laughWhile their instamatics flashWill you see me […]

Shut Up

May it never be said she’s knockin’ them deadBut is there a fame, it’s such a cryin’ shame what they’re sayin’It’s more than a game that they’re playin’At the start as we all should knowThat she’s some kind of sleaze, that’s a social diseaseShut up, shut up Don’t tell me that my best friend’s a […]

If Wishes Were Horses

Come with me you can wish upon a starYou can do all the things that you’ve longed toAnd you won’t have to wonder who you areYou can be anybody you want toIn a land full of promises and kingsAll your best laid dreams are for catchin’You can have the world to tie up on a […]

No. 5243605 Smith

Stone cold cellRaised from hellHoldin’ meFor first degreeOne more mornFor calm, for dawnYou shall seeThey’ll come for me I confessedI’ve been blessedAll I need is one last request I’ll only get up in the morningTearin’ down the songsHearing the radioBlarin’, darin’, dancin’ vigorly down the hallWe’ll get in the do, I did itShoo-bee-doo’s and allGive […]