Baby Love

Ooh-ooh Baby love, my baby love,I need ya, oh, how I need yaBut all you do is treat me bad,Break my heart and leave me sadTell me, what did I do wrongTo make you stay away so long? ‘Cause, baby love, my baby love,Been missin’ ya, miss kissin’ yaInstead of breakin’ up (don’t throw our […]

Baby Doll

Oh-oh-ohBaby doll, ooh, baby dollHe’s my baby dollHe’s good to me, so true to meHe’s all right for me You know I’m gonna love him foreverAnd give my life to him completelyI belong to my baby doll(He’s my baby doll) He’s so sweet, so handsomeAll the girls, they envy me(Talking about my baby doll)When they […]

Buttered Popcorn

My baby likes(Buttered popcorn) Uh-huh!(Buttered popcorn) Oh-hoh!(Buttered popcorn) Oh yeah!(Buttered popcorn) Oh!He likes it greasy (buttered popcorn)And sticky (buttered popcorn)And gooey (buttered popcorn)And salty (buttered popcorn)I said, "What do you like?"He says, "You know what I like,I like (buttered popcorn)" He took me to a show (buttered popcorn)He said he wanted some more (buttered popcorn)I […]

Mother Dear

Something’s on my mindMother dear, the boy keeps me cryingDon’t know which way to turnKeeps me so confusedKeeps me so confused Mother dear‘Cause for him, I yearnBut he treats your daughter bad,Keeps your daughter sad I wish I didn’t love him so (help, help me, mother dear)‘Cause now, I can’t let him go (help, help […]

My Heart Can't Take It No More

Stop hurting me (hurting me, hurting me)Now, don’t you think you’re overdoing it?I still care, I must admitI know that if we ever break up,I know we’ll never make upAnd I’m sorry, so sorryBut my heart can’t take it no more How the times you liedYou know how many times I criedLonely tears brought me […]