Apollo Kids

ft. Raekwon the Chef [Ghostface]Uh-huh, uh-huh, motherfucker, uh-huhYeah, I see that, I see thatAll y’all fake motherfuckers up in the joint, huh?Stealin my light, huh? Watch me, duke, watch me Yo, check these up top murderousSnowy in the bezzle as the cloud mergesF.B.I. try and want word with thisKid who punked out bust a shot […]

Ghost Deini

ft. Superb "In an enemy land…""Ack, just by destroying Starks Enterprises,we could cripple their national defence.So, you Professor Finkle, the world’s greatestexpert on electricity must devise the destructionof Starks’ mighty guardian, Ironman." [Ghostface Killah]Yo, summer time holdin the 9, split the Vega in halfJeeps rumble and my dogs puff grassBank stoppin, high-derox hydrolicKid with the […]

Buck 50

ft. Cappadonna, Method Man, Redman [Method]Who I’m is? The phenom, them niggaz can’t liveWho I’m is? We ain’t got shit, somethin got to giveY’all done flipped y’all wig, blacked out the cribDie and live for my nigs and my bad-ass kids, freeze*sniff* Lookin at your ice like GEEZ!I’m plottin on the mousetrap, about to snatch […]

Mighty Healthy

[INTRO:]-My God, so they are killers. I’ve heard lots of people say once a man’s a killer, they just keepon killing and killing; they sort of develop a taste for blood.-Yeah, that’s right. They kill one man, or kill ten, it’s all the same (yes). After all, (indecipherable) [VERSE 1:]Both hands clusty, chillin’ wit my […]

Churchez LaGhost

ft. Madam Majestic, U-God [Madam Majestic]Tommy Mattola, lives on the roadHe lost his lady, two months agoMaybe he’ll find her, maybe he won’tOh wonder that love [Ghostface Killah, (U-God)]Brothers try to pass me, but none could match meNo girl can freak me, I’m just too nastyLost on the dance floors, I attack y’allSnuck through the […]