Future Says Run

Holding lightlyWords that make you awareYour head’s spinningNo one knows you’re not thereBlankly staringStrangers call you a friendThe power you holdIs a power that mends You can’t go onNo you can’t even talkYour future says runBut you can’t even walk So you harborStanding idly byIndescretions, slowly turn into liesYour’re half emptyThey don’t know how it […]

Knock Down Walls

You killed me when you came walking down the sidewalkSaying everything was fineDressed up like a wife of a life I’ll never haveIt’s so easy to fool meYou can turn me onYou can turn me offI’ve had enough of that little boy sandbox stuffLove you wanted to tryFor a life you’re willing to buy I […]


All I want is to be your sunflowerTo watch over you from up highWhen the wind blowsI will kiss you like sunshineStealing pieces from a perfect skyBecause here you go againBecause here you go again And they say that it really doesn’t matter AnywayThat it really doesn’t matterAnyway I’m not asking to be more than […]


Head strong and steadfast junkiesAll barter for the cleanThey all wait in their plastic linesTo find what color means Cause they all wanna be queenAnd you do know what I meanCause they all wanna be queenAnd you do know what I mean I spoke to a girl by the backdoorShe said she’d do anything just […]

Drag Me Down

There’s a reason why the words gothard for me to bareBecause within them was the promise ofa life that just wasn’t thereYou’re not my friend and I have no doubtThat I finally figured it out You’re trying to drag me down (x4) Was it hate or was it hurtthat led you to be this wayDid […]