Anderson Mesa

Don’t leave without intentions of ever coming back.vacation. you take them if you wanted you’d ask them.alone i’m sky, i wait there.snowfall above new yet around or jump the fence.don’t leave without intentions of ever coming back.


Where you’re hiding, the shine off the wall.Stop giving it up now cause you’re gonna find yourself a mastermind in time.Rockstar, what’s mine is yours.Rockstar, you’re looking good.You’re looking to find a fight.I’m the stranger here you know.Can’t you understand that things always work out my way today.Rockstar, what’s mine is yours.Rockstar, you’re looking good.You’re […]

Robot Factory

Falling off this cycleand it really ticks me off when you calculate this time and place.looking over shoulders,can always be like what it seems when you were left to my old man.i am why you bring me here,tear these cloths down when we fight.back around these something you don’t want to yesterday when […]


one chance to show your face.this one shot all you get. pass by your one good thing.lift your head back shoot and chase. never hear you laugh like that, so full.not since you were nine. learn your restricted ropes. paint a cross on your left hand. one good thing signed away and with it your […]


Pay attention.stop paying for regret.fossil resources all used up.make the best use of your could be on to something.too skeptic too tired to care.they all seem to know at once.sweet muse left me all alone.there’s only my weight left.euthanasia could be the greatest gift.wait outside your house to come back out.edge said it […]