Bedtime Story

Love can be so hard to findDreams are never freeTime runs out foreverLike sand into the seaWe’re so lucky, you and IAnd night’s the place to be So, tell me a bedtime storyAnd touch away our caresMake a world for usAnd take me thereJust tell me a bedtime storyOf lovers and of friendsMake a world […]

On My Way to You

So often as I wait for sleep,I find myself recitingThe words I’ve said or should have saidLike scenes that need rewriting,The smiles I never answered,Doors perhaps I should have opened,Songs forgotten in the morning I relive the roles I’ve played,The tears I may have squandered,The many pipers I have paidAlong the roads I’ve wanderedYet all […]

Sometime Soon

When I’m with you,I need nothing moreNight’s an open doorTo foreverBut I know, love,When I’m far from home,Every day aloneSeems a lifetime But sometime soon, I’ll be thereAnd I’ll hold youWe’ll make the light shineThrough the cloudsWe’ll make the sun singRight out loudAnd we’ll make the night smileWith the moonSometime soonSometime soonSometime soon I feel […]

Night Flight

We spend our nights travelingBut never leave the roomSoaring through the midnight cloudsFollowed by the moonYou teach me what I never knewSo easilyYou take me where I’ve never beenStay with meYou tell me things I’ve never heardWithout a wordWithout a word Night flightLeaving this old earth behindWho knows what we’ll findThe higher we climbNight flightNever […]

Here You Come Again

Here you come againJust when I’ve begun to get myself together,You waltz right in the doorJust like you’ve done before,Wrap my heart ’round your little finger Here you come againJust when I’m about to make it work without you,You look into my eyes,Lie those pretty liesPretty soon, I wonder how I came to doubt you […]