I Look At her In That Paper Dress.I Wonder Why She Won’t Burn.She’s Just A Paper Doll, Thats All, Just A Paper Doll.I Dress Her Up She Knocks Me down [2x]They Try Her On For Size, she Fits Nice.One Size Fits All [2x]Now Her Soul Is Dead, Now Her Bodies Raw, You Can Numb Her […]


So, I’m Nothing.You Took Something From Me, Now You’ve Dissapeared.You’re Right Where I Want You. You Said You Wanted It, Alright. No! Its Not Alright [3x]No… Now I’m Something, And Your Head Is In My Closet.Dead Forever, They’ll Never Search It… Out Of Sight No! Its Not Alright [3x] No… I’m Cold, So Cold, Ohh, […]


COWARD!!spit i think i’ll spitFor all those girls, who speak contradiction The guy who crept through the shadows everyday to clutch his own conclusion Watch all the blood, as it drips from your veins you coward Godspeed, may your death come quickly i think i’ll take this hate and , SPIT, SPIT, SPIT Now as […]

Do You Think I’m A Whore

The Knife Is On The Table. I Put Myself To Sleep. All I Know Is All I Know.Remember What You Sow Is What Reap! Why Can’t I Fucking Believe You?This is Your words For Me.A Little Sheltered Girl Is What I’ll Always Be.So Loving And Considerate.Too Scared Of What I’ll Be.I Look Into The Mirror, […]


She is not scared to die..The best things in life drive her to cry.Crucify then learn..(take so much away from inside you, makes no sence, you know he can’t guide you, he’s your fucking shoulder to lean on, be strong!)Sit and watch me burn..She’s led to believe, that it be ok,look at your face, scarred […]