Good Enough

If I woke up late Couldn’t get out of bed If I bought you a café latte instead If I lied when I said 32 inches was the size of my waist And if I admit every once in a while Even though I dig alternative styleOccasionally I can be caught dancin’ to Brittany And […]

Strange Relationship

Do you love me? Or am I just another trip in this strange relationship? You push and pull meand I’m about to loose my mind Is this just a waste of time keep acting like you own me I keep running, watch me walking out that door I hear you behind me Gimme that strange […]

I Miss You

Gimme a reasonWhy I’m feeling so blueEverytime I close my eyes, all I see is youGimme a reasonWhy I can’t feel my heartEverytime you leave my side, I just fall apart And when you’re fast asleep, I wonder where you goCan you tell me, I wanna know Because I miss youAnd this is all I […]


Eyes that penetrateheat that denigrateslets communicateI can hardly wait to get to you,and show you baby… If you want to I can be dirty too,I can spin you around,Pick you up and go down,And if you want to,I can be just like you,and do the dirty things you do. You walk into a room with […]

I Can’t Ever Get Enough Of You

Well I know that I have only ever held your handBut just one touch is more than enough to understandThere’s a master planAnd although I know I don’t believe in destinyMaybe it found meNow my world is filled with so many thingsBut nothing compares to the touch of your skinThere’s a symphonyAnd a melody that […]