Bring Back That G Shit

[Snoop Dogg]Ride, rideRough, ride on, ride onRoll on, roll onWhat!, what!, what!Ride on, ride on, roll onNigga what!, w-w-what!, what!, w-w-what!Ride on [Kurupt]This is the game you wanna spit to a niggaLet a nigga know it’s all right, cascadesAnd G’z stompin’ on niggas like paradesEscapades and charades playedWhen the stampede stoppedAnd it continuously Young GottiSeen […]

Can’t Go Wrong

[Kurupt]The reason that I’m here, I’ma drop ’til it’s clearLet all… G’z to front, middle and rearSwitches couldn’t swithLike these switches a dayJust to sit and sippin’ and dippin’ all over the waysThat they ears and chairs, dis on this yearsCokes drippin’ off juice and ginsAs a matter of fact, takes math-ical factAnd you can’t […]

On, OnSite

[Intro-Kurupt]Dat Nigga Daz DillingerKurupt, Young Gotti, niggaWest Coast California livin nigga [Verse 1-Kurupt]Milli monotone, cyclone StalloneMarone chaperone shiny chrome CaponeSmashin in a 80 two brand new grownHome sweet home nigga where the hoodstas roamIn gangstaville where we shoot to killPop the pill, pop then drop the three-wheelThe tale of tales, fly high as a gazelleThe […]

On Da Grind

[Daz]It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from usDat Nigga Daz Dillinger, Young Gotti KuruptAnd now we back wit a little rhymeWe can’t stop, can’t quit, ’cause we on da grind [Daz (Kurupt)]Yo! (Gangstafied back on the block)Straight upD-A-Z, K-U-R-U-P-TDoin’ it like usual, you know what I’m sayin’?You can’t stop You can’t rewind the […]

At It Again

[Chorus X1-Kurupt]I just got paid, it’s Friday nightThe party’s jumpin, I feel so highDogg Pound Gangstaz, we at it againParty’s poppin, from beginnin to end [Verse 1-Kurupt]Gimme what cha got, move somethin for meShow me what ya got, shoot something for meWho got the Henn? Who got the bud?Stash, slash, hazel hashHit me with the […]