Can’t Say

I can’t say why I love you, but I do When I’m around you it feel so good, feel so good And everything that I can do ever wish I make for you In the end it all came true and I I can’t say why I love you, can’t say but I do I […]

Love On The Outside

God knows I’ve been hurt before You know what I’ve been through Time helps, but it doesn’t cure The scars will never heal Said your love was never ending But it slowly disappeared I know you want my heart But a friend is all I need Cos this love on the outside Is all I […]

Sooner Or Later

I don’t understand you have you lost your mind You’ve always been a friend of mine But you’re running out of time Cos I see what she is thinking, it’s like she’s had enough Cos you never took the time to show her love Even when you knew you should [Chorus]Sooner or later you’ll learn […]

More Than Words

Saying ‘I Love you’ is not the words I want to hear from you It’s not that I want you not to say But if you only knew How easy it would be to show me how you feel More than words is all you have to do To make it real then you wouldn’t […]

Love Is Unpredictable

How can I convince you that you’re really not alone And I know exactly what you’re going through Nothing is for certain, but there’s one thing that I know Never underestimate what love can do I want to show you Even though there are no guarantees Just let me hold you Love can do most […]