Going In Circles

I’m an ever rolling wheelWithout a destination realAnd I’m an ever spinning topWhirling around ’till I drop [1] – Oh, but what am I to doMy mind is in a whirlpoolGive me a little hopeOne small thing to cling to [2] – You got me going in circlesOh, around and around I goGoing in circlesOh, […]

Impossible Dream

To dream the impossible dreamTo fight the unbeatable foeTo bear with unbearable sorrowAnd to run where the brave dare not goTo right the unrightable wrongAnd to love pure and chaste from afarTo try when your arms are too wearyTo reach the unreachable starThis is my questTo follow that starNo matter how hopelessNo matter how farTo […]

Endless Love

My love, there´s only you in my lifeThe only thing that´s rightMy first love, you´re every breath that I takeYou´re every step I makeAnd II want to share all my love with youNo one else will doAnd your eyesThey tell me how much you careOh yes, you will always be my endless loveTwo hearts, two […]

Always And Forever

Always and foreverEach moment with youIs just like a dream to meThat somehow came true, yeah And I know tomorrowWill still be the sameCuz we got a life of loveThat won’t ever change and [1] – Everyday love me your own special wayMelt all my heart away with a smileTake time to tell me you […]

Love The One You’re With

There’s a RoseIn a fisted Gloveand the eagle flies with the doveand if you can’t be with the one you loveit’s alrightGo ahead and love the one, love the one, love the one your withlove the one, love the one, love the one your withIf your guy can’t come to youand you don’t remember who […]