what became of everyone i used to know?where did our respectable convictions go?your words dont’ match teh story that your actions show, but what do i know?i’m sure you cn’t help but rememberingI thought that you’d be one not to forget,but remembering’s not helping you yet.say goodnight means goodbye.i know you thought my life would […]

I’m A Loner Dottie, A Rebel

come tomorrow i’ll be on my way back homein the morning call from a roadside telephoneone night doesn’t mean the reast of my lifeif i go it’s not impossible but possible is probably wrongso, let go because i’m afraid to tryi’ll keep myhands by my sidei won’t come backi hope someday you’ll understand i want […]

I'll Catch You

can you sleep as the sound hits your ears one at a time?an unspokenbalance here, unabridged for so many yearsthat i sould stare atreceivers to receive her isn’t fairdon’t worry i’ll catch you don’t ever worryyour arms in mine, anytimei wouldn’t trade anythingyou’re still my everythingto my surprise, before my eyes, you arrivei’m still breaking […]

Ten Minutes

ten minutes to downtown is ten minutes too farwhen my friends all say i’m crazy,maybe i’m being selfishmaybe i’m just scareddon’t be gone when i get home… i need you there if i had to explain it i wouldn’t know were to startit’s like you’re falling in love, while i just fall apartten minutes to […]

My Apology

you’ll be accepting my apology for taking things too seriouslysometimes i’m old enough to to keep routines, sometimes i’m child enough to scream foreverything i broke in twoyou’re barely missing me, i’m missing you and everything you doi really domy once photographic memory for recollection’s sake is failing mei can’t remember tor the life of […]