No one can hear all that’s been saidYou’re feeding me useless lines of nothingnessLet me run awayDon’t keep me hereI can’t stay around and take this fearIs everything I want to be a disgrace to my identityI don’t mindJust give me my indifference, stop questioning my reasonI don’t mindUncomfortably clearAll is the same nowI’m adapting […]


IPlayed the fool todayAnd ICan see us vanishing into the crowdLonging for home againBut homeIs a feeling I buried in you I’m alrightI’m alrightIt only hurts when I breathe And I can’t ask for things to be still againNo I can’t ask for youTo offer the world through your eyesLonging for home againBut homeIs a […]


I’ve had enough of this red lightI’ve been waiting here for no one.Driving on like reruns and feeling nothing newTime has stoppedResting some for this town it’s comforting to know nothing newIf I could only make a soundHolding the stars like paintings we arePull one down for meColors alive like radianceSwimming back to your seaI […]


Consumed by this greedy dispositionI give no thanks for all that’s been given to meSee I’m so concerned with selfish ambitionI see what I want and look past what I need It’s timeTo forget myselfIt’s timeTo forget myself Tell me where to find shelterSomewhere hereTell me where to find shelterSomewhere here I’mpatience takes its tollIt’s […]

Dim Halo

I’magine no daylight only the moon as your guideWhen ours is to darkness what forgotten sun is too brightEyes wide open now taking it all in strideI can see your eyes when the stars hang lowLike a crown the moon wears a dim haloAnd to all my regret I fair thee wellYou came around to […]