Not Too Young

When you looked at my face You thought you could get me You better look twice It won’t be that easy Think it’s because You’re a little older All you’ll get from me Is my cold shoulder You shouldn’t judge Someone by what you see You may be wrong Like you were about me Chorus […]

I Like It

You are the perfect one In my life (My life) You make me happy So very happy Don`t you know? Don`t you know? Oh, I like it (Ohh) I like it (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Oh, I like it (I like it, I like it, yeah) I like it From the first day that we […]

Love You For Always

1, 2, 3, 4 1, 2, 3, 4 Boy, I wanna be where you are It don’t matter if you’re near or you’re far You’re fillin’ my heart All the way to the top And it’s you I’m lovin’ for always Catch me, I’m a shooting star Make a wish Close your eyes, cross your […]

Let Me Be The One

Let me be Let me be Baby, let me be the only one [x2] Let me be the one You give your love to (The only one) [x2] I hear your records on the radio I see you talking on the late, late show Every girl wants to be your friend Don’t you know you’re […]