Bus-A-Bus Interlude

[Busta Rhymes]Eh-hee-eh-hehehe, eheheheheYes indeed, YES INDEED out this motherfuckerBack with the right foot steppin in firstand the left foot steppin in afterI go by the divine attribute, of Bus-A-Bust-Down-Some’nOtherwise known as Busta-motherfuckin-Rhymes out this bitchYknahmean? Cause when I’m in the spot [rapping]I let a bitch start kissin upAnd muh’fuckers love the way that I be […]

I've Changed

Yes I’ve changed again, babyChanged.. changed..Changed, the games, that I, used to playPlay.. leavin when I stayWoo! Ohhh, ooooh, babyI’ve changed – I said that I’ve changedI said I’ve changed – the games, ain’t the sameThey ain’t the sameI’ve changed – the pressure wasn’t greateneron the, other, siiiiide-ide-ide-ide [Missy] + (Mo)Aight aight aight Mo chill […]

Take Away

[Missy]You’re so incredibleEver since the day we became, we became.. so personalEveryday that I spend with you it gets.. unforgettableAnything that I did with you, I don’t.. regret at all(I love everything about you) Take away, your gold and platinum chains(and I’m gonna love you baby)Cause I’m gon’ love, love you anyway(I ain’t in it […]

Lick Shots

[Missy]Ugh, Ay yo Timberland, see what they don’t understandIs we about to flip our whole style on ’em for two double zero one (Ay!)And for those of you who hated (Ay!)You only made us more creative [Timberland]Misdemeanor Ugh! [Missy]You don’t wanna speak my nameMess around get that ass blown awayBlaaah!Fool gone awayI didn’t even like […]

Dog in Heat

[Missy]Gimme that funk, mmm..Funk, mmm.. yo gimme thatFunk.. sho’ nuff thatFunk.. [Redman]Yo, yoBeware of the dogs, off the chainFuck your whips at the club we piss in the parkin lanesBlow it up ten frames so you see it wideIf your broad ain’t fuckin she don’t need to ride (beat it)She can crawl in the trunk […]