Balls of Steel

[Snoop Dogg]Soldiers..Gangstaz, gangstaz.. whassup my nigga?Yeah I’m fin’ to fall off into this party with my lil’ bitch maneIt’s in her neighborhoodNah you ain’t gotta roll with me it’s all goodI trust her dogAw nigga shut up nigga, I hear you, don’t trip Well the party didn’t start til I walked inand I probably won’t […]

How You Livin’

(Snoop Talking)Wassup dog?Wassup my nigga, how you doing dog?Man, I’m chilling my niggaHow you livin’?Shit, I’m livin’ it up babyReally, ohh really, shitIt’s all great thenI’m glad to see ya, basicallyYeah, yeahBut on the real though dogHow you living though?Who me? Shit (Snoop)I got two boys and a wifeI live a luxurious lifeAnd I’m respected […]

Now We Lay ‘Em Down

[Snoop Dogg]It’s like this and like that and like this and uhEastside, Long Beach drop the hits and uhWe got, so many niggas on the team nowadaysLB, QB, DP, GC PBoy, my boys, the toys, the noiseThem Eastside boys is the real McCoysWe walkin through the projects sippin on a 40Rippin, dippin, and spittin at […]

Tha G in Deee

Intro: Snoop DoggYeah man, let me holla at my nephew Tray-DeeeNephew, I can’t believe these motherfucking stupid ass bitches manI done told em time and time and time againWell I guess they don’t hear meSo uh, why don’t you let me knowMatter fact let them know how you feel about these motherfucking hoes [Verse 1]I […]

Big Bang Theory

Intro: XzibitYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, whatSnoop double, D O G, what, mr. X to the Z, yeah, and KuruptThe kingpin, DoggHouse Records takin over the shit in the ’99What, yeah, uh huh, yeah, bangin on you, huhIt’s the big bang theory, yeah, check it out, bring it, yo HOOK: XzibitI got a big bang theory […]