Hush child lay your sweet lips on methis greed bigger than you and mewill you come againbodytongue tied and a visceral third degreefeel warm center of gravitywash us all awaybody never lieswill you come againwill we stay friendsoh you paralyze there are times when I wishthat I was youthick skinned cities you drive me throughbetter […]


could not believecame here todayhelmet was onyou blew me awayhouse is on fire we’re naked againmaybe all we need is water and friends shackles and chainswon’t keep me awaytemple is youand my brow is insane I wanna be just like youI wanna feel right through you I wanna see just with youI wanna liveI wanna […]

Little Things

I bleach the skyevery nightloaded on wrongand further from rightspinning aroundtwo howling moons cos there always therewhatever I do the river is loadedI’ve been there todaytool it some questionsshe does me againI’d die in your arms if you were dead toohere comes a liewe will always be true going upwhen coming downscratch awayit’s the little […]


Must be your skin I’m sinking inmust be for real cuz now I can feeland I didn’t mindit’s not my kindnot my time to wonder whyeverything’s gone whiteand everything’s gray now you’re here now you’re awayI don’t want thisremember thatI’ll never forget where you’re atdon’t let the days go by glycerine I’m never aloneI’m alone […]


Well the satellite comes and goeswe give each other all we knowin silence we still talkby the light of the stereo waltzand will you rain downin your cinematic love truckI want to hold you like nothing’s going to stop usshe come to take me awayits all that I neededI don’t breathe another loverflicker on a […]