Breathe in breathe outtied to a wheel fingers got to feel I spin on a whim I slide to the rightI felt you like electric lightfor our love for our fearfor our rise against the years and years got a machinehead better than the restgreen to red machineheadand I walk from my machineI walk from […]


I’m a manI’m real proud of my manhoodI like to smoke ten thousand cigarettes eight ballI could climb any fountainI never cryI only bawl when I’m losingand I’ve never been wrongnever been wrongI’m looking so goodlooking so good got a big gold gungot a big gold bulletand I guess you could sayI’m real full of […]


love and hate get it wrongshe cut me right back down to sizesleep the day let it fadewho was there to take your placeno one knows never willmostly me but mostly youwhat do you say do you dowhen it all comes downI don’t want to come back down from this cloudtaken me all this time […]


Wanted to buy you shiny red thingsthought I’d be with you until the endhow did I know that I would be thereblow me awaysee if I care death of a futuregoodbye to my friendswish I could see you all againfamily hollowfamily realwish you were here see how I feel kill a mankill a girlkill a […]


The mind is all we kiss everythingwe say we love it’s the skin we’re inyou’re a retrograde a vacancyyou’re the one that I lovethe hate in melazy day on a darker breedto have is not what it’s made to beyou come alone on a mass attacksucking your tantric suckfooling your one-eyed cat we don’t mind […]