Sittin’ On Top of the World

Never seen a sky so blueNever been happy with anyoneLike I am when I’m with you, yeahLook at the sun shining up in the skyI feel a little closer to heaven, babyWhen I’m looking into your eyesAnd as long as we’re together, boyI’m Sittin’ On Top of the WorldWanna feel this way forever, boyI’m Sittin’ […]

More Than Anyone Deserves

If I woke up tomorrowAnd my eyes could not seeIn darkness there’d be beautyOf the love you shown to me[chorus]Cause I love longer and widerDeeper and higherCause I’ve been lovedMore than anyone deservesIf tomorrow for some reasonSomehow I could not hearIn silence there’d be musicOf a love that’s always here[chorus]Cause I love longer and widerDeeper […]

Rock Me

Momma, don’t you cry anymore.I’m not the same girl I was before.You know I’ll always be your baby,But I’ve found some brand new arms,And they’re gonna Rock Me.Momma, can’t you see my love is turning?I’ve got to live these things that I’m learning.You don’t have to try and save me.I’m wrapped up in a dream, […]

Nothin' New Under the Moon

Nowhere to go.All night to get there.Another nice try with Mr. Wrong.Late night tv on my horizon.National Anthem and I’m barely hangin on.Just a typical Saturday night.Feeling like the rest of my life.There was nothing New Under the Moon.Same old dance, same old tune.Just wishes on stars that never came true.Just one more night to […]


How do you cool your lipsAfter a summer’s kissHow do you rid the sweatAfter the body blissHow do you turn your eyesFrom the romantic glareHow do you block the sound of a voiceYou’d know anywhere[chorus]Oh I really should have knownBy the time you drove me homeBy the vagueness in your eyesYour casual good-byesBy the chill […]