Black Magic

CursedBlack magic nightWe’ve been struck downDown in this HellSpells surround me day and nightStricken by the force of evil lightThe force of evil light Cast Under his spellBlinding my eyesTwisting my mindFight to resist the evil insideCaptive of a force of Satan’s mightA force of Satan’s might Fighting the curseBreak it I mustLaughing in sorrowCrying […]

Face The Slayer

A misty night, a perfect nightBeneath the cold of the frozen starYou feel the fright, you know I’m nearYou never should have come this farI am alive, you can’t kill meI will survive eternity Go through the fire walk past the deadLost in my eternal mazeYour heart pounds through the mist filled airYour concentration breaks […]

Die By The Sword

Live by the sword and help to containThe helpless minds of you allDie by my hand in pools of bloodClutch yourself as you fallMindless tyranny, forgotten victimsChildren slaughtered in vainRaping the maids, in which they serveOnly the words of the Lord Die by the swordDie by the sword Satan watches all of usSmiles as some […]


Eyes upon meWatching me in my perpetual sleepDreams deceive meMy future depends on a mindless dreamI’ve fallen from promisesDamned to take risks on my ownThe masterful science that freezes yourMind and your soulThe wretched dream is realizedThe human race is to be crystallized Thoughts of laughterFilling the head of the master in charge.Worlds of wonderIs […]

Show No Mercy

Through the night we rise in pairsLords at night we rideFrom the depths of Hell’s domainReborn to reign this nightRoam throughout the endless warsHold high his name we mustWarriors from the gates of HellIn Lord Satan we trust (Chorus)Stalking the night can’t you feel I’m nearWatching each step that you takeI take lives and show […]