Angels, answer me,are you near if rain should fall?Am I to believeyou will rise to calm the storm?For so great a treasure words will never do.Surely, if this is,promises are mine to give you.mine to give… Here, all too soon the day!Wish the moon to fall and alter tomorrow.I should knowheaven has her way– each […]

Book Of Days

Book of Days Ó oíche go hoíche, mo thuras, From night to night, my journey,An bealach fada romham. The long pilgrimage before me.Ó lá go lá, mo thuras, From day to day, my journey,na scéalta na mbeidh a choích. The stories that will be forever. Translation by Dave Allum ( of Days (English Version) […]

Marble Halls

I dreamt I dwelt in marble hallswith vassals and serfs at my side,and of all who assembled within those wallsthat I was the hope and the pride.I had riches all too great to countand a high ancestral name.But I also dreamt which pleased me mostthat you loved me still the same,that you loved meyou loved […]

Carribean Blue

…Eurus……Afer Ventus… …so the world goes round and roundwith all you ever knewThey say the sky high aboveis Caribbean blue… …if every man says all he can,if every man is true,do I believe the sky aboveis Caribbean blue… …Boreas……Zephryus… …if all you told was turned to gold,if all you dreamed were new,imagine sky high abovein […]