Stone Cold Crazy

Sleeping very soundly on a Saturday morning, I was dreaming I was Al CaponeThere’s a rumour going round , gotta clear out of town I’m smelling like a dry fish bone, here come the law gonna break down the doorGonna carry me away once more Never never I never want it anymore Gotta get away […]

KIller Queen

She keeps Moet and Chandon in her pretty cabinet‘Let them eat cake’ she says, just like Marie AntoinetteA built in remedy for Khrushchev and Kennedy And anytime an invitation you can decline Caviar and cigarettes well versed in etiquetteExtr’ordinarily nice She’s a killer queen gunpowder gelatine, dynamite with a lazer beamGuaranteed to blow your mind… […]

Dear Friends

So dear friends, your love has goneOnly tears to dwell upon, I dare not sayAs the wind must blow, so a love is lost A love is won, go to sleep and dream again Soon your hopes will rise, and then from all this gloomLife can start a new, and there’ll be no crying soon


Don’t you misfire fill me up , with the desire to carry onDon’t you know honey that love’s a game, It’s always a hit or missSo take your aim, Got to hold on tight, Shoot me out of sight Don’t you misfire fill me up, with the desire to carry on Don’t you misfire fill […]

Flick Of The Wrist

Dislocate your spine if you don’t signHe says I’ll have you seeing double Mesmerize you when he’s tongue tied Simply with those eyes oooh Synchronize your minds and see The beast within him rise Don’t look back, don’t look back It’s a rip off Flick of the wrist and you’re dead baby Blow him a […]