One Thing

Aagh no, what do you think I’ll do now?In front of me, right in my faceYou just tore it up and threw it out I know, that you wasted time on meI wasn’t blessed with social graces thenSo you’ll have to rely on honesty Thinking back has left me one thingKnowing I wouldn’t want a […]

60 Seconds

60 seconds what could happen now?He could end up going down60 seconds what could happen then?He could end up changing againHe was dreaming softly in his bedHe woke to find a gun at his headHe heard them say "Now don’t move a muscleYou’ll still be breathing in the morning bustle" 60 seconds what could happen […]


Don’t try and make yourself hate himHe tried that one with youHe ended up just hating himselfAnd more in love with you You’ll have to learn from all his mistakesThe brain can lie but your heart will never fake He’s been rushing aroundGrabbing all he can find as quickly as he could‘Cause he knew you […]

Down By The River

Girls are walking with their mothers, shopping for clothesSons are sitting with their fathers, fishing for ideas in their souls Down by the river, it’s getting coldDown by the river, it’s getting coldIt’s getting cold The roads are stained, it seems impossible, impossible to cleanThe oil and the salt mix to a shiny, shiny gleam […]

Fiction Of Life

I’ve been expecting a breakout from a cage full of rageBut I, haven’t got the time to hold them back with my Flak jacketI’ve become a self made maniacI have seen the bloodstains on the trackThey were left when someone had to go from their flow trouble Time, has taken all he had, there’s nothing […]