If you had a million people watching you, would you make the same old blunder?Well I wonder, yes I wonderIf I could put the words in writing, would you ever come out fighting?Well I wonder, yes I wonderThere’s a question I yearn to ask, but I’m held back by the pastI’ve asked you once before […]

Guilty Deafness

You look like you’ve got something to sayIt must be bad if you’ve come all this way But I don’t wanna hear it I’ve got guilty deafnessI couldn’t take all that from youThe last time you came here you left me breathlessI couldn’t take much more of you You look like you’ve found something thats […]

Somewhere Else

Creeping over to you on a Saturday afternoonI must have been ill I was earlyCrawling along, I was seeing what had happenedThrough last night it was nothing I assure youWell it’s time to place your betsYou better make sure it’s a safe oneYou could always answer noI never smoked your cigarettesI suppose you could say […]

Another Toy

When I’m gone and you are broke, you will find another toyWhen I’m broke and you have gone, you will find another toy The wind was cutting in so well, I covered up my earsThe rain was going through me like a knifeIt was taking every inch of warmth I had in meI was shaking […]

Stop It All Adding Up

You shouldn’t have itIt’s taken me far too long to hide it from you nowYou should keep it, such a precious thing to give awayYou found it easy to break in through these walls I thought I’d built so wellBut not so easy for my head to turn and find you thereAre you running from […]