Badman’s Song

Heard every word that was said that nightWhen the light of the world put the world to right Well here’s to the boys back in 628Where an ear to the wall was a twist of fate I will shine a blinding lightThrough those hearts as black as nightSticks and stones may break my bonesBut as […]

Advice For The Young At Heart

Advice for the young at heartSoon we will be olderWhen we gonna make it work ? Too many people living in a secret worldWhile they play mothers and fathersWe play little boys and girlsWhen we gonna make it work ?I could be happyI could be quite naiveIt’s only me and my shadowsHappy in our make […]

Swords And Knives

A waking world of innocenceSo grave those first born criesWhen life begins with needles and pinsIt ends with Swords and Knives Oh dangerman, oh dangermanYour blade fits like a gloveWhen forged in steelTime cannot healThat blood red bond of love In times of trouble you’re an open bookWith the change in the way you lookAnd […]

Always In The Past

Money can’t change the way you feelSmoke stains on your fingertipsMade for life is no big dealWhen there’s something behind you that just doesn’t fit And I can’t stop thinkingAlways in the pastNo, no, I just can’t stop thinkingAlways in the pastIt was always in Smoke screens up at the break of dayBoy you must […]