Begging You

I’m begging youI’m begging youThe fly on the coachwheel told me that he got itAnd he knew what to do with it everybody saw itSaw the dust that he made King bee in a frenzy ready to blowGot the horn good to go waitOh his sting’s all goneNow he’s begging youBegging you Here is a […]

Straight To The Man

Saying this revelation call delia stationAn initiation, all you’d better bewareWho’ll cast the first stone?Skin to the bone bring it all on homeBring it all for Jerome So new castle build a brand new castleyeah yeah yeah yeah yeahStraight to the man On an island of tradersYou know they’re trying to fade yaNo-one can train […]

Breaking Into Heaven

I’ve been casing your joint for the best years of my lifeLike the look of your stuff outta sightWhen I’m hungry and when I’m coldWhen I’m having it rough or just getting old Listen up sweet child of mineHave I got news for youNobody leaves this place aliveThey’ll die here join the queue Better man […]

How Do You Sleep

I’ve seen your severed head at a banquet for the deadAll dressed up for dinner looked so fineYou shining silver salver so tastefully powderedWith the finest military quick lime Now try and picture this as I gave you a kissThe apple in your mouth slipped in mineThe orchestra played the sweetest serenadeWe laughed as we […]

Ten Story Love Song

When your heart is black and brokenAnd you need a helping handWhen you’re so much in loveYou don’t know just how much you can standwhen your questions go unansweredAnd the silence is killing youTake my hand baby I’m your manI got loving enough for two Ten storey love songI built this thing for youWho can […]