Don't Cry

Don’t be so hard on yourself.Those tears are for someone else.I hear your voice on the phone.I hear you feel so alone.My baby.Ohh my baby.Please my baby,My baby,When we were young,And truth was paramount.We were older then,And we lived our life without any doubt.Those memories,They seem so long ago.What’s become of them? When you feel […]


In a church by the faceHe talks about the people going underOnly child knowA man decides after seventy yearsThat what he goes there for Is to unlock the doorWhile those around him criticize and sleepAnd through a fractal on that breaking wallI see you my friend and touch your face againMiracles will happen as we […]

Human Beings

It is only love I feelThat will give us peace of heartIn my hour of desperate needI feel closer to the oneOh but why…PleaseHuman being If you bleedthey will say it was destinedThey’ll be punchin’ ticketsBy the minute if you fall out of linedesperatedesperateTell me is it death you feelThat will bring you peace of […]

I’m Alive

Yeah, yeah yeah yeah…Fell on my feet this morning.Two angels heard me cry…This is your fate hereafter.The future is my friend.It hurts, but it treats me well.Take hold and be it’s master.Gold as the sun,As you turn me on.And bath in it’s sun red,I’m alive, older and strong.Let me be someone.I’ll take hold and be […]