People Asking Why

Why, am I changing?Why do people, get complacent with the things they’re told?World disasters they come and go.I’d give anything just to be back home.Cause there are people, asking why.There are people, who believe in… In life, gets confusing but I don’t know why.But I’ve made my plans already.Had this trouble with it all my […]

Lost My Faith

We both knowThat the harder we tryCan’t understand itWe’re so caught up in the reasons whyStation to station And we couldn’t even say their namesI realized itWas just a gameI had lost my faithLong agoI had lost my faithLong agoI can seeThat if I stay close to your sideAll of my pressures nowI know they […]

Newborn Friend

I wash my faith in dirty water,Cause it gives my mind a little order.And I play that game, just like I should do.But my whole world, slips away.I live my life, I live it slowly.And I take my time, I’m in no hurry, yea… I’m livin’…And when I go then I would surely.I would dance […]

Show Me

Different kinds of peopleDifferent kinds of lifeWe go walking towards the futureWith different size stridesShow me the way to solve your sorrowsAnd I’ll do what I can‘Cause we have the experienceIf we planBaby we can see that closeShow me the way to solve your problems and I’ll be thereShow me the way and I’ll do […]

Excerpt From (Let's Fall In Love)

My emotionsDrift awayI think about it but it’s alright it’s alright it’s alright it’s alrightIt’s alright nowMy emotionsDrift awayI think about it every single dayDo I regret itWell I’d say thats its alright it’s alright it’s alrightOut in spaceThere’s a feeling that runs through your veinsOne that has no time no spaceTaking you highSo that […]