Latest Craze

WarmthSecurityAnd all that comes with itStill you’re wonderin’How it ever felt this goodWhen you do it by daylightIn companyOr even by yourselfIf they tell you It gets harderThen somthing’s rightBut trust meIf you’re feeling itIt gets easier by the nightWhen you do it in daylightOr even sometimes in companyThat’s okayBut if it felt the sameA […]


BrotherSister It’s the loneliness thats the killerSo you wantTo be freeTo live your lifeThe way you want to beWill you giveIf we cryWill we liveOr will we dieJaded heartsHeal with timeShoot that loveSo we canStop the bleedingSolitary brotherIs there still a part of you that wants to liveSolitary sisterIs there still a part of you […]

Fast Changes

Maybe if I search my mind a little,I’d come across the reason why you’re gone.Maybe if I searched a little while.And if I try to reconcile a little,Then maybe I will know for how long.This time…Well here we are,in separate rooms.I can hear you sighing.Saying "No way out" or so it seems.Dry our tears, we’re […]

Still Love Remains

How will I standIf you turn out the lightThat shines over meThat shines over meAnd how will I liveIf you take all the giveThat you have for meThat you have for meWithout so madlyWithout so fastYet still we remainHow will I loveIf you take all the lifeFrom out of meRight from out of meTell me […]


Colour fades awayWith a light descending on the dayMidnight sees your friendOh could you call his nameWould you know his nameI come here for your loveBut, God only knowsColour fades awayGood times here todayMeanwhile you would sayI close my eyesColour fades awayTell me who are you for anywayMidnight is your friendWill we see a beginning […]