Force My Hand

Why do what you do? Is this major malfunction new Isn’t it clear to everyone hereWhat died deep inside Is benevolence now deniedWhat about pride was it cast aside So when I see you friend companionship will come to an endcause of the way you drove me to dismay. Force – force my hand – […]

No Cure

No cure, no end in sight. No cure for poisoned minds.No change, no change, after all this talk still living foul. Ignorant, Ignorant, you think we would’ve learned by now. Over and over same mistakes as before. No end, no end, look around no end in sight. When the damage done is to extensive. Everyone […]


Resentful, I’m sure the feeling is mutual. Power for those with the most capital. Upper echelon not in touch at all. Grabbing at straws, desperation. Whatcha’ gonna do about it? Where are you gonna run? Whatcha’ gonna do about it that you haven’t already done? No more joy in the lives of the skuoned and […]


Before us is an empty slatewe can impress how we pleaseBombard them with the usual schlockwhatever we’ve got up our sleeve Teach them that violence can solve all their problems Teach them to act on a whim The horror the one we present is just where the horror begins… Violent fantasy, comes reality the effect […]

Scratch The Surface

Scratch the surface serve a purpose scratch the surface don’t waste my time Such empty life Such simple sheep night after night herd to the creeps all hidden faults beauty is null such shallow sight barely skin deep What is the force that drives the superficial tell me what keeps their minds remaining little so […]