Bag It Up

I like chocolate and controversyHe likes Fridays and bad companyI like midnight, it’s when I’m in the moodHe likes the morning, that’s when he’s rude Just a bad case of opposite sexHave to look to the starsAll we need is a little respectCos Men are from Venus and Girls are from Mars Bag It UpDon’t […]

Lift Me Up

Watch the first light kiss the New WorldIt’s a wonder, baby like you and IAll the colours of the rainbowGoing somewhere, baby like you and IIt’s going to be alrightBut when my clouds sky over (Lift Me Up) When the day is over(Take me up) When the sun is going down(Show me love) I will […]


Treat me right, keep me safeShow me love, I’ll embraceIf you take me home, where I was bornI’d find peace of mind, somehowLook for light for your conceptionLay me down for your inspectionSomehow we’ll find a waySometime but not todayThere’s somethin’ I need to saySomehow we’ll find a wayI wish this was yesterdayThen maybe tomorrow […]

Someone’s Watching Over Me

You said I’d always be your little girlThought that would last foreverBut you left me in this grown up worldI had to pull myself togetherAt the end of the day, you showed me the wayI’m never in doubtSomeone’s watching over meThough sometimes I wish that you would look away from meAlways watching over meThough it’s […]

Mi Chico Latino

Donde esta el hombrecon fuego en la sangre Ive got a secret.I cannot keep itIts just a wisper of a distant memoryJust a dream or so it seamsTake me back to the place id rather be You left a fire in my eyesThat lightens up the darkest skiesI’m giving up im letting goI’ll find my […]