My Hood

[Cam’ron (intro)]You do what you do where you liveI do what i do where i liveThat’s what makes me nigga, and that’s just the way it is niggauhh, Killer, uhh, Prease, uhh, Vacant Lot, Diplomat, uhhKiller, family nigga, yo, uhh, Killer, uhh, yo yo yo… [verse one]Where i’m from kids get it hecticBut get arrested […]

Sports, Drugs & Entertainment

[Jay-Z]uh huh, yeah [Cam’Ron]This goes to all my hustlers, entertainersAnd of course, athletes in the struggle [Verse 1]Yo, yo yo yo yo Some get a little and some get noneShit, I was part of the some get noneThe ball, run for run, play the slums for crumbsWired, real tired, till my lungs are doneAfter all, […]

Fuck You

[Background]Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccck yooooooooou [Repeats throughout the song] by this time I see yall I say Fuck yall from the very start of this shit Fuck what you into Fuck what you been throughFuck where you goingFuck who scared of youFuck if you did fed timeFuck ya cliqueFuck ya glocksMatter fact Fuck ya […]

Come Kill Me

[skit]Yo Weez wasup manYo word man, you hear them niggas man, them niggas is pussy man, word manWhat happened? What happened?Yo them niggas is dead man, we gon kill them niggas manT-Today, I…Straight like that today manWe gon murder them niggas manAssed out manI heard they do they thing thoughSon don’t worry about that man, […]

Double Up

[Verse 1:]Yo yall niggaz wit the muscle yall get clapped in the tussleI’mma hustler, not a rapper bitch, rap is my hustleShow a nigga know yo, we the 1st teen millionaires in Harlemsince rich and poor, you don’t know, get to knowAin’t takin shit to left, Jimmy Jones rock and jockRight back to the block […]