When sky blue gets dark enoughTo see the colors of the city lightsA trail of ruby red and diamond whiteHits her like a sunrise She comes and goes and comes and goesLike no one can Tonight she’s out to lose herselfAnd find a high on Peachtree StreetFrom mixed drinks to techno beats it’s alwaysHeavy into […]

Back To You

Back to youIt always comes aroundBack to youI tried to forget youI tried to stay awayBut it’s too late Over youI’m never overOver youSomething about youIt’s just the way you moveThe way you move me I’m so good at forgettingAnd I quit ever game I playBut forgive me, loveI can’t turn and walk away Back […]

St. Patrick's Day

Here comes the coldBreak out the winter clothesAnd find a love to call your ownYou – enter youYour cheeks a shade of pinkAnd the rest of you in powder blue Who knows what will beBut I’ll make you this guarantee No way November will see our goodbyeWhen it comes to December it’s obvious whyNo one […]

City Love

I never liked this apple muchIt always seemed too big to touchI can’t remember how I foundMy way before she came around I tell everyoneI smile just becauseI’ve got a city loveI found it in LydiaAnd I can’t remember life before her name She keeps a toothbrush at my placeAs if I had the extra […]

Great Indoors

Check your pulse it’s proof that you’re not listening toThe call your life’s been issuing youThe rhythm of a line of idle days Scared of a world outside you should go explorePull all the shades and wander the great indoorsThe great indoors Lamplight makes the shadows playAnd posters take the walls awayThe T.V. is your […]