Sheena Is A Punkrocker

Well the kids are all hopped up and ready to go They’re ready to go now They’ve got their surfboards And they’re going to the discotheque a go go But she just couldn’t stay She had to break away Well New York City really has it all Oh yeah, oh yeah. Sheena is a punk […]

I Can't Give You Anything

You better know what you want You know how little I got I can’t give you anything. You think I’m real cute But who’s gonna briing home the loot? Make up your mind about Hope you don’t doubt, that I can’t give you anything. (Repeat)

Do You Wanna Dance ?

Do you wanna dance and hold my hand? Tell me baby I’m your lover man OH baby, do you wanna dance? (Chorus)Do you do you do you do you wanna dance Do you do you do you do you wanna dance Do you do you do you do you wanna dance Well do you wanna […]

Teenage Lobotomy

Lobotomy, lobotomy, lobotomy, lobotomy! DDT did a job on me Now I am a real sickie Guess I’ll have to break the news That I got no mind to lose. All the girls are in love with me I’m a teenage lobotomy. Slugs and snails are after me DDT keeps me happy Now I guess […]

Cretin Hop

There’s no stoppin’ the cretins from hoppin’ You gotta keep it beatin’ For all the hoppin’ cretins. Cretin! Cretin! I’m gonna go for a whirl with my cretin girl My feet won’t stop Doin’ the Cretin Hop. Cretin! Cretin! 1-2-3-4 Cretins wanna hop some more 4-5-6-7 All good cretins go to heaven. (Rrepeat)