Hey Johnny, hey Dee Dee Little Tom and Joey You know we’re comin’ over Sweet sweet little Ramona You’re getting better and better It’s getting easier than ever Hey you kids in the crowd You know you like it When the music’s loud. Sweet sweet little Ramona she always wants to come over Sweet sweet […]

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh I love you Oh oh oh, oh oh oh I love you I do, I do But I told her why we just can’t make it I want you still but just can’t take it The time has come we oughta break it Someone has to pay the price […]

Rockaway Beach

Chewing out a rhythm on my bubble gum The sun is out and I want some. It’s not hard, not far to reach We can hitch a ride To Rockaway Beach. Up on the roof, out on the street Down in the playground the hot concrete Busride is too slow They blast out the disco […]

Locket Love

Locket Love Lovely lovely locket love You could use a little of Hang a chain around you You’re hangin’ too Hang on a little bit longer Hang on you’re a goner Lovely lovely locket love Cause a picture never does Try to expose you For what you put me through Hang on a little bit […]