Mother and Jack

Lala…….I got a letter in this town They’re going to pull this old house downI got a letter in this town They’re going to pull this sad house down Mother and Jack, they went to see the Emperor Mother and Jack ,they went to see the EmperorThey got no answerThey got no answerSaid he would […]

Gone Gone Gone

No more room to roamI have lost my hopeStars have all gone inWhich way have I been I’m too rich to learnAnd far to cold to burn Gone gone are the days , I criedWhen I could so easily have triedWork , work ,when instead I laughed And nothing now I have Hoping much too […]

August October

Autumn and Friday the winds blewJuly , September , I knew youAnd now I sit on the sand hillI sing our song to the sea August , OctoberMid-April , November , MayBeckoning hands made you flyI cry , it’s curtains today In August , October the grass grewThe sky was blue and I want youNow […]

Farmer Ferdinand Hudson

Now it is dawn and a new day is born But with a trail of despairThe new day was shining but many had gone Farmer Ferdinand Hudson had lost much more than he’d won He sat by a table and cried in his rum (break) The cobwebs hung heavy and dreary beside All that looked […]

Give Me A Smile

Ah…….It’s not the way you say to me , I’ll wave goodbyeIt’s not the search to try to say the tears you’ll cryBecause I am crying too for the thought of leaving you You have to give me a smile as leave you treasureDo it in style and believe in yourself ‘Cause while I’m away […]