Bring It All Back

I’d been carving you To see what form you’d takeYou were hiding in ivoryI just wanted to free you shape Bringing me down, its too quiet to breatheWho wants to hear their heart beat? It’s gotta be hereIn your spider-web alphabetsDid I read it all wrong?Or have I just not gotten it yet? You got […]

Born In The Water

Rolling hill all covered in suedeI’m heat-nervous and out of roadDowntown there’s a paradeBut I don’t think I wanna goSmart as trees in Sault Ste MarieI can speak my mother tonguePassing laws just becauseAnd singing songs of the English unsung How could you do it?How could you even try?When you were born in the waterAnd […]

On The Verge

Here we are, now where are we?It’s like nothing I’ve ever seenWe got hoarse-throated hucksters whispered gimmicksRubbernecking the curious cynicsAnd headlong-walkers, one born every minuteDo I plug it in? Or do I stick it in it? I don’t know what came over meI’m too dumb for wordsI didn’t think I’d like it here at allBut […]


Angst on the planks, spittin from a bridgeJust to see how far down it really isRobbing a bank, jumping on a trainOld antiques a man alone can entertain It takes all of your powerTo prove that you don’t careI’m not Cordelia. I will not be there. Tin can man, dragging from a carJust to see […]

Little Bones

It gets so sticky down hereBetter butter your cue-finger upIt’s the start of another new yearBetter call the newspaper up2.50 for a hi-ball,And buck and a half for a beerHappy hour, happy hourHappy hour is here The long days of Shockley are goneSo is football Kennedy styleFamous last words taken all wrongWind up on the […]