No One’s Leaving

I’m a white dread-I’m a white dread, so? I’m a got a ring and I hang it from my nose. Got a little game and I take it to the park. I don’t care who playsAs long as the game is on. My sister and her boyfriend slept in the park. She had to leave […]

Been Caught Stealing

I’ve been caught stealing; once when I was 5… I enjoy stealing. It’s just as simple as that.Well, it’s just a simple fact. When I want something,I don’t want to pay for it. I walk right through the door. Walk right through the door. Hey all right! If I get by, it’s mine. Mine all […]

Classic Girl

4:05;In my neighborhood,When shots go off,No one bothers. A POP, and a reply POP, and no reply… Dinosaurs on the quilt I woreWith a girl. Such a classic girl… Such a classic girl… Such a classic girl, Gives her man great ideas. Hears you tell your friends, Hey man, listen to my great idea!It’s true […]


Save the complaintsFor a party conversation. The world is loaded,It’s lit to pop and nobody is gonna stop… No one…No one!No way!Gonna stop,Now; go! Farm people,Book wavers, soul savers,Love preachers! Lit to pop and nobody is gonna stop. No one… One come a day, the water will run, No man will stand for things that […]

Of Course

Of course this land is dangerous! All of the animalsAre capably murderous. When I was a boy,My big brother held on to my hands, Then he made me slap my own face. I looked up to him then, and still do. He was trying to teach me something. Now I know what it was! Now […]