Bang Bang

Everybody knows what it’s all aboutPretty thing jumpin’ all aroundShakin’ your money-maker nowTake it off and take me down Bang, bang, shang-a-langBang, bang, shang-a-langTake it offShe bang-bang my shang-a-langShe bang-bang my shang-a-langHey yeah Tear me up, baby, tear me downYou got me movin’ upside downFeelin’ good, I’m feelin’ alrightDo it again, do it all night […]

She’s Just Killing Me

Everything about her was naturalEverything about her was coolBut I’m a little partial for beautiful girlsEven if they blood runs blue I think I see herI think I want herI think I love herShe’s just killing meI think she’s killing me Her castanets are enormousHer bongo beat absoluteAnd when she doin’ midnite performancesShe’s got a […]


Don’t send me no bag, don’t send me no skagA pin-headed ho won’t doDon’t send me no square without some beehive hairShe got to have her rhythm with blues Gotta have a prettyhead, gotta have a prettyheadGotta have a prettyhead, I said pretty head Don’t send nothin’ lame, don’t send nothin’ tameA scatter-brained ho won’t […]


LoadedGonna have a good timeLoadedGonna have a good, good timeDon’t you know that I wanna get loaded LitBrighter than my butaneI said litHotter than my low-down thingTake me inside-out, ’til I’m gone insaneWell, oh yeah, shellac Loaded, loaded, locomotiveLoaded, loaded, disembodiedLet’s fryLike a Paxton blowerLike a Paxton twistBlack CadillacAphrodesiac LoadedTankin’, skankin’ with the rank-n-fileLoad me […]

Black Fly

Black fly buzzin’, buzzin’ aroundBlack fly flyin’ from town to townBlack fly lookin’ around and aroundWhat’s he gonna do when he finds her? He got the mojo workin’ overtimeMakin’ it, layin’ it on the lineChasin’ his honey with a honeysuckle vineWho’s so lucky and gets to kiss her? Black fly, that’s rightBlack fly, that’s right […]