Feeling so alone and desertedWith people standing all around youShould I trust someoneShould I stay off to myselfAlone with no one to talk toIt’s such a helpless feeling So anytime you feel the needCall me when you’re lonelyCause everybody needs a friendTo be there when they’re lonely So don’t isolate yourselfEvery time that I come […]


Seeing that your love’s trueNever I’ll doubt youMy heart belongs to youThat’s alright with meWorlds could end around meSo in love that I can’t seeYou and me were meant to beThat’s alright with me Friends come and friends may goMy friend, you’re real I knowTrue self you have shownYou’re alright with meThrough thick and thick […]

Black Cat

All the lonely nights I spend aloneNever around to love meYou’re always goneCause you’re hangin outBreakin’ the rulesOh the man has comeLooking for youYou’re a rebel nowDon’t give a damnAlways carrying onWith the gangI’m trying to tell you boyIt’s a mistakeYou won’t realizeTil it’s too late Don’t understandWhy you insistOn ways of living such a […]

Come Back To Me

Looking through my old drawerCame across the letter you wroteSaid you needed time awayThat was so long agoAll my life I’ve waitedTo see your smile againIn my mind I hatedNot able to let go Come back to meI’m beggin’ you pleaseCome back to meI want you toCome back to meI’m beggin’ you pleaseCome back to […]

Someday Is Tonight

Here we are just you and meGot something for you babyWait and seeNo need to worry, come follow meI don’t want you to think about anything elseTonightWe’ve been together for quite sometimeNow I know that yout love is mineNo more fantasizing of how it would beCause tonight all your dreams come true Ready to give […]