Baby Driver

Peter Criss, Stan Penridge Go baby driverBeen drivin’ on down the roadOh, what a riderCarryin’ such a heavy loadDon’t ever need to know directionDon’t need no tow, food, gas, no moreGo baby driverDon’t want to sleep aloneOoh, what a riderPush that pedal to the floor, yeahNobody knows where you’re goin’Nobody cares where you’ve beenAnd if […]

Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)

Take a girl like that and put her in a natural settinglike a cafe for example. Along comes the boy and he’s looking for trouble with a girl like that, with a girl like that. Who knows what they’ll decide to do? Who knows what they’ll get up to? I’d love to know. Wouldn’t you? […]


Who cares, I’m in a trance, I got no hope, I don’t stand a chanceBut it’s all right, yes it’s all rightWho knows, well I don’t care, ’cause I don’t fit in anywhereBut it’s all right, yes it is all rightWell, I’m numb but that’s my style,I’ve been numb for a little whileAnd it’s all […]

Take It Off

Well my mind is gettin’ dirty yeaharound eleven thirty, uh huhI wanna watch some asses shakin’to the noise the boys are makin’, uh huhOoh, so I hop into my car,hit the local titty bar, uh huh‘Cause that’s my kind of situation when I need some perspiration, uh huhI do my one-step shoppin’ for the girl […]

I Need You

I need you to pin me downJust for one frosen moment.I need someone to pin me downSo I can live in torment.I need you to really feelThe twist of my back breakingI need someone to listenTo the ecstacy I’m faking.I need you you you I need you to catch each breathThat issues from my lipsI […]