Sorry I’m Away So Much

(Xzibit talking)Come here Tre, what’s up son, come onTo whom it may concern, yeah, listenSorry I’m away so much, yeah, yeahAll the sons, daughters, penitentary niggas, yeah, feel meUh, sorry I’m away so much, yeah (Xzibit)My son was born about four and a half years agoNothin protected him, amazin how fast they growI came to […]

Been a Long Time

[Saafir as radio host]Rrrah, uhh, bitch!It’s radio radio station, cat Xzibit huh?K-W-Balls, Daniel Thompson hold like thisLike that in fact, with a fat-ass Battlecat trackI’m takin caller number one, that is..Rrrah uhh, bitch – you took too longCaller number two like this.. [Xzibit]{*BZZT*} Bounce up out of the house close to midnightFull rack up in […]

Fuckin' You Right

(Xzibit talkin)Listen to this, I’m just tryna do this for usYou know what I’m sayin, you scream at the top of your fucking lungsYeah, I’m just tryna do this hard work and get this good between us baby, yeah Look, Samantha, Loraine, Monica, VeronicaVeronica, she treated my dick like a harmonicaHow you think I learned […]

Best of Things

[Xzibit]I was voted most likely to have a psychiatric evaluationLet’s start the process of eliminationThis dedication is for niggaz with the green buddhaThe bandula, six-shooter to your suit coolersNow how this feel? Cold black steel up in your grillThis hollow point lead gon’ be your last mealSay your prayers, say your gracesPieces of your face […]

Get Your Walk On

[Xzibit](Yeah) I can drink a whole Henessey fifthSome call that a problem but I call it a giftXzibit make the whole continent shift (hell yeah)Invadin your territory in a blaze of gloryA soldier story, livin off nothin but instinctBitch niggaz continue to floss and lip-syncAnd I’ma just continue to flow, while rockin the boatProbably smoke […]